July 20, 2016
My PSA numbers had gone up again and after six months my team and I decided that it was time to start taking Xtandi (enzalutamide) capsules.  I have been having very good results and will keep you posted.

3-T MRI you should have one before having a biopsy

November 3, 2014

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I will be starting Provenge next week April 14th I had a Apheresis Catheter placed in my chest so they can do the Leukapheresis Procedure which collects my immune cells which are then sent to a facility that will make a dose of Provenge that will be infused back into me on the 17th and over the next five weeks I will complete my treatment cycle.  I will keep you updated.

I have had two treatments and will have my last one on May 15th I have had a few side effects but if it works it will be worth it.  Will keep you posted. 

3-T MRI have one before having a biopsy

Because the prostate is a small organ located deep in the pelvis, traditional imaging methods have not been very successful in detecting prostate cancer. However, utilizing new generation 3T MRI scanners and special parameters with interpretation of images by an experienced radiologist, greater than 97% accuracy can now be achieved in detecting clinically significant prostate cancer or excluding significant cancer.
The most common MRI machine in clinical use is the 1.5 T (tesla) unit.  The T refers to tesla which is a measure of the field strength of the unit. The 3T MRI produces a higher spatial resolution and image contrast without injection of contrast medium, resulting in better visualization of anatomic structures. Subtle abnormalities can more easily be detected. The image can be so good that the radiologist may not require intravenous gadolinium or intra-articular contrast medium administration.

Therefore, if 1.5 T is the most commonly used and 3T is the newest approved, is the new approved 3T machine actually improved? The 3T is faster, meaning greater patient tolerance. As a result, there are fewer artifacts because of motion, where a request to remain motionless may go unheeded unless they receive medication. So, another advantage may be less use of sedation

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